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What Customers Say…

Lucinda Green, champion British equestrian and journalist “Immunall is an absolutely amazing, fascinating product. I know it works wonders because I watched it before my very eyes. I had a horse that didn’t have as much energy and enthusiasm as he should have had, and as he started eventing at a higher level, he needed more oomph. We put him on Immunall and he went all the way through to advanced as a transformed horse. There was nothing wrong with the horse I just felt there was more in him — which Immunall got out.”

Jessica Harrington, racehorse trainer “I am delighted with the results of Immunall and find it very effective on horses that run below par.”

Sandy Phillips, dressage rider and breeder “We use it on many horses in the yard — the results are visible within a week, and their attitude changes. They have a much more positive outlook on their work. I particularly notice their skin glows with health. It is great for breeding — I give it to all our broodmares, it gives the foals a very good start.”

John Killingbeck, vet “Immunall is a very useful part of my armoury, particularly in chronic cases that are unresponsive to conventional medicine. Jake Brandes is always extremely helpful to my clients.”

Juliet Minton, horse breeder “We use it on everything, the foals and broodmares, for sales preparation and our point-to-pointers. We’ve been using it for about 18 months and it definitely helps to keep the horses healthier.”

Genevieve Ghilotti, I am a fan of Immunall. I had a rough breeding season last year and this year I was willing to try something new on a few of my difficult mares.

I heard about the Immunall and spoke with Edgar and several vets.

My repro vet said it could not hurt and I should give it a try.

I started three of my problem mares on it and two caught on the first attempt. The third mare hang on to a follicle forever and I could not get semen shipped for another insemination. That mare did catch on the next cycle and all three are still in foal. Coats look great, I am pleased. The most thrilling part for me is that one mare that had been Regumate dependent has been successfully carrying this foal ( she is at 94 days) with just the Immunall.

I did not use it on 4 of my younger mares - I was anticipating that they were the easy ones. 2 of them caught on the first attempt. The other two after three attempts each I finally wised up and put them on the Immunall also.

I find out next Tuesday if they are finally pregnant. If they are then next year I will be having a truck load of Immunall delivered and the entire herd will be getting it.

Genevieve Ghilotti


Mary Lou Winn, Hanoverian breeder. We used it on a mare that had been open for three years and then spent an entire summer trying to breed with daily vet care at a top breeding farm to no avail. We were told the mare would probably never get in foal. This year we gave her the Immunall dosage as recommended on the site and by Edgar and she settled on the first cycle, twinned, and absorbed one so we now expect a singleton in March! We are now giving it to all mares we intend to breed and to any one who has undergone unusual stress, taken antibiotics,or had any kind of ailment. I cannot say enough good about this product!


I have become a believer. I have a wonderful mare that failed to conceive for the last few seasons, despite clean culture/cytologies, biopsies, etc, etc. This year I put her on Immunall about 3 weeks before trying one last time. I am knocking on wood a I type, but she was in foal at 30 days. We'll check her next week at 60 days. She looks wonderful, dappled and younger than her years.

Mary Lou Winn



Maryanna Haymon, leading US dressage breeder, I can't say enough good about this product. I had a true lactational aenestrous mare(every other year if nursing-no cycles) Flollowing edgar's advice on dosage and usage, for the first time in 7 years, this mare IS pregnant while nursing!!!
I also used it on a maiden mare that had a red bag and the local vets thought she would probably not take this year. She settled on one cycle.
Used it on an injured yearling colt that was having a proud flesh issue. Within a couple of weeks, the cut was healing nicely without the proud flesh.

Maryanna Haymon


Ilona English, leading US eventer breeder, we've use it for a variety of reasons. We used it on our DWB mare who is older, borderline cushings and a bit hard to settle. On the immunal - she had a normal cycle - even twinned and is 70 days in foal. She also LOOKS fabulous. We've used it on other horses as well to "clean them out". I recommended it to a man who was at one of our Dressage Clinics. His WB was JUST NUTS. Looked like he wanted to get out of his skin. I suggested he try it and gave him some. He doubted the horse would eat his grain with it. The horse ate it - licked the bowl and has been a normal horse since.


I started my 22 yo GP school master on it and she is FINALLY shedding that cushings hair she keeps all year and looking much better over all.

We bred 3 ponies and gave it to them - should know if they took over the next couple of weeks.

I believe it has a variety of uses and worth the try.


Friends have a young mare who they thought had an ovarian tumor she was just horrid about contact on her body. After 3 weeks on Immunall - she's accepting leg contact and leg aids without bucking or kicking out.

Ilona English

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